Dunmow Crests Netball Club was setup in April 2012 by Claire Smith.  ‘After being told by friends and family to start my own netball club for sometime, I finally did it and we had our first training session on Monday 24th April 2012’.

‘I have always found it strange with Dunmow the size it is and growing, that there is not a Netball Club which welcomes ‘Back to Netball ladies’.  I set out to change this and we have had great interest since starting up in April 2012’.  We are a friendly club and welcome all new comers, our training sessions are fun whilst also helping us to improve our game.  We currently have in excess of 40 members and a couple of ladies who come along and pay as they play each week.  The majority of us are Mum’s who enjoyed the game at school but haven’t played since.  There are only a few of us who have played more recently.  2014 saw an increase in younger members 16+ joining which is great for the future of the club!  I am pleased to say that in 2015/16 season we have had even more young girls join the club, from 14 and older.

In September 2012 we entered our first team into the Chelmsford and District netball league.  We entered at Division 10 and had a positive start to the competitive game, we gained promotion to division 9 in our first season! September 2013 saw Crests increase our competitive teams by entering 3 teams into the league.  Due to continued growth we are entered a 4th team in Sept 2014.  In September 2015 we changed the teams around a bit which resulted in Crests academy being formed.  This team is mainly for the younger girls in the club and we are looking to recruit some new girls for next season 2016/17 we are sadly losing some of the current players as they embark on their university adventures! We are all competitive when we play our matches but most of all we agree that it must be fun!  Currently we have teams playing in the following divisions!


We were very lucky to secure sponsorship to help fund the purchase of the team kit and training tops for every member.  We are very grateful to the following for sponsoring the club

In 2015 Out There Sports became our main supplier of kit.  We are happy to be working with a local company and hope this relationship will grow with the club.

In 2016 OTS merged with Crests which resulted in there being 5 teams in the club.  This gives members even more opportunity to play Netball!  OTS play in the Harlow winter league and Stansted summer, whilst the other54 teams remain playing in the Chelmsford & District league.

We were delighted to find our coach Briony, who is a Secondary school PE teacher, who agreed to take on the role within our club and has been with us from the start.  Briony is a fantastic addition to the club and we certainly would not be where we are in the league without her!  In 2015 with the club growing we found ourselves needing a second coach, we were very pleased to secure Emily Brown who is another fantastic addition to the club.