Fixture Date: 09/11/2017

Crests Yellow v Dolphins Topaz

Yellows 23 v Dolphins 29
POM: Linda C
Freddo: Kath WD

Welcome back Captain Mel!
We just played against the mean girls! It started in the first quarter with GS moaning at Anita for standing on her trainer.  This set the tone for the whole match! Most of the players were contacting. They used the F word, S word & were lippy. Poor Kay had to put up with tears too after her player ran into her & hurt her own knee but blamed Kay! Kay played well with all this going on.
We'd had enough by the 3rd quarter & played harder with great passes from Julie & Anita and Mel & Lara scoring well. Kath did well to stand her ground & played a good game. Their C was the best of a bad bunch so I was lucky to be C today.
Well done us for bringing it back & keeping our cool (sort of).

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